Yes Chef Ireland – Girl and the Goose Restaurant

Yes Chef Ireland – Girl and the Goose Restaurant

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“This Charming restaurant, named for a fairy tale inspired by owner and chef Michael Sabik’s daughter is tucked away between Crowe’s Pub and Mary Mac’s in Ballsbridge. In Michaels words, it is a small entrance de to a big place”.

‘Located on the first floor, The space is warm and welcoming with colourful cushions, banquette seating and a reading room feel. Michael wants to create a space where diners can relax and be at ease to enjoy the food. Trained 長崎県五島市への撮影旅行 by Oliver Quenet, Michael went on to Their open his first restaurant Vaughan’s Eatery in Terenure, a couple of years later. His passion is for wholesale mlb jerseys creating exciting combinations of flavours and experimenting with different cheap jerseys types of cuisine, clearly reflected in the menu…

…’When considering the restaurant’s design, Michael and his STRES wife were clearly influenced by the arrival of their daughter. When you pop up to the second floor, there is another dining area specifically designed to meet the needs of young families. This space has wholesale jerseys a play area built-in where young children can let their hair down, while Mum and Dad get on with the important business of enjoying Michael’s food! It is fantastic to see families being catered for in this way and indeed diners are flocking to the second floor to enjoy relaxed lunches and weekend brunches…’
Yes Chef Ireland – Issue 11

Visit our ‘Hidden Gem’! Call into our restaurant and try cheap nfl jerseys our meals for yourself and you cheap nfl jerseys might even get a glimpse of Michael Sabik. Contact Us on 016674446 our <a href="http://girlandthegooserestaurant generic”>Book online here >



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